Friday, June 21, 2013

School Holiday Ideas: Learn Inline Skating!

Thanks to Papa Isaiah who did a review for Skate Mode, the girls had a chance to pick up a new skill this school holidays - Inline skating! From the looks of it, the girls love this sport and we are seriously considering to buy them their own pair of inline skates. I've always wanted to do inline skating as a form of exercise, so this could well be the start of some healthy family exercise regime!

The girls went through four consecutive mornings of classes at Yishun Park with two instructors from Skate Mode, and from people who totally could not inline skate, they could both skate by the end of the fourth day, which was just amazing. Along with 4 other friends of ours, the all-girls class had so much fun and laughter last week!

I was a little surprised that both girls took to the sport so readily and willingly. I was half expecting that they will give up during Day 1 because of how hard it was to master it, but they both did so well and I was one proud mommy!

Proper attires are so very important for a sport like this. All the guards and helmets were provided by Skate Mode and every morning, we spent 15 minutes to get the girls all guarded-up. Because of all the sturdy guards, they were not afraid of falling down because it was not painful at all.

Jayne couldn't wait to start!

How cute were the little sister gangs! =D

These are some snapshots of what they went through in the four mornings. From sitting position to standing position, then to stepping forward, learning how to fall in the correct posture, pushing forward in straight lines and then making a T-stop. The older girls also learnt how to open and close up as they were skating or making a slight turn.

My babies looked so cute, didn't they??? =D

The main reason why the kids had so much fun learning was the instructors. They were friendly, patient and very encouraging, giving the kids hi-fives and kept telling them how awesome and great they were doing. Since the class, Jayne had been using the word, 'Excellent' very often, because that was what the instructors kept saying to the kids. Indeed, positive affirmations motivate behaviours! (Of course, in between, some bribes of candies were involved too. ;P)

At the end of the four days, the kids became good friends with the instructors! It was a bitter sweet farewell.

Great job, girls! Mommy's really proud of your perseverance, patience and tenacity! =)

Here's a video compilation I did up on the few days of inline-skating lessons! You'll have a much better idea of how the girls picked up the sport. :)

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