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CP Foods - Where Convenience Meets Yummy-ness

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I am always on the lookout for easy and quick meal solutions because I am a really busy mom. The truth is there are many other people like me - 90% of the time, we don't have the luxury of spending hours on chopping up the ingredients and cooking up a storm. I still enjoy cooking when I can find the time, but when I don't, I appreciate instant food that I can get my hands on. CP Foods is one such brand that I really, really like.

And I'm not just talking about the convenience. Frozen food never tasted this good, quite frankly. Thanks to the kind folks from CP Foods, I received 2 huge packages full of CP goodies and I managed to try out several different products apart from the usual ones I always buy. It was a perfect chance for me to put CP Foods to the test: Will my fussy hubby & kids like them??

It was tough picking out what to cook first, but I went along with what each of them loved. With such a wide variety, you can be sure to find something you like. :)

Spaghetti in chicken bolognaise sauce for Joey, who loves pasta! As you can see, this is made to be an easy & convenient microwave meal - Just pop it into the microwave and you can have a meal in a matter of minutes!

It was very yummy and packed with minced chicken and mushrooms. Joey gave it a thumbs-up!

For Jayne who loves prawns and noodles, I chose this Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles for her.

All you need to do is to add water and warm it up in the microwave. The prawns were huge and sweet! This is totally my idea of comfort food. :)

For the hubby, I made him Chicken Green Curry with Rice. It was so flavourful and spicy! Really yummy in my opinion.

The best part is that it comes with rice - the really soft & fluffy kind that totally surprised me. I mean, how can frozen rice become this soft?!

For me, I went with the Japanese Chicken Gyoza, which is my absolute favourite among so many CP Foods. And this is just as easy and convenient as the rest - Just pop them into the oven and it's done in 15 minutes or so!

Really, really yummy you've got to try it for yourself.

Decided to add on several more side dishes to make our meals more sumptuous. There are many to choose from!

Chicken Gyoza - I boil/steamed it in the Happy Call Pan with some chicken stock.

We did three different flavours of chicken and we love all of them.

The Curry Wings were fragrant and tasty, with a strong taste of curry powder.

The black pepper drumlets were spicy and flavourful.

The honey roasted wings were sweet with a tinge of vinegar and slight spicy-ness. It went very well with steamed rice, and was an appetite boaster.

I am really glad I found a convenient and yummy food option that pleases everyone in the family. Of course, there will be days when I feel like cooking yummy dishes from scratch for my loved ones. But for days when I am hard-pressed for time, CP might just be my saviour.

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In conjunction with the Singapore Social Media Day (SGSMD), CP Foods has collaborated with to celebrate home cooking in Singapore via a meaningful Instagram Campaign, where people can upload photos of their home-cooked food and hashtagging, #SGSMD2013 and #CPFOODSSG. 


Ms. Janet Ong, Digital/Social Media Strategist,, said: “With people spending more time online and on social media, this campaign comes as a timely reminder for all to spend some quality time with our family and loved ones by surprising them with the love of a home-cooked meal. Preparing a simple meal may be a small gesture, but we hope that by getting people to share photos of their home-cooked meals, more of the social media communities who see these photos will be inspired to do the same, thereby further propagating the important message of family and social bonding.”

The SGSMD website will be featuring LIVE Instagram photo feeds from the public using the the hashtags. Twelve home cooks who submit the best photos and captions will stand to win the following prizes and you might just be one of them!

1 x $1,000 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal (product name must be included in the photo caption).

1 x $500 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using non-CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal.

10 x CP Foods product hampers worth $50

The closing date for submission is on 31 July 2013. For more details, please visit

Official Hastags: #SGSMD2013 and #CPFoodsSG
The Singapore Social Media Day is part of a series of events branded under Social Media Fiesta (, an social media initiative.

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