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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy 40th Birthday, Singapore Mandai Zoo!

I absolutely adore our Singapore Mandai Zoo. It's not only one of the best in the world, it's one of the best places that can entertain and educate the kids all at the same time. There's lots of fun packed into one huge park, and really a fabulous place to spend a whole day at. When hubby told me about the 40% discount that the zoo is offering for the month of July in celebration of their 40th birthday, I immediately agreed we HAVE to go. What a great deal, seriously! All you need to do is to print out this coupon and present it when purchasing your tickets at the counter. Or you may click here to go to their website.

We've been to the zoo several times with the kids, and we are kinda familiar with the park layout. Met some of our favourite animals again.

An obnoxious monkey was standing on a branch  and won't throw a glance our way no matter how many times we tried to communicate with him in monkey language. He just kept throwing the peanut shells down on us.

The otters were perpetually wet, and loved to pile on top of each other. Most loving species.

The flamingos who stood on one leg and yet maintained their proud postures.

The paradise-lookalike enclosure for the polar bears that was empty.

All because he preferred to keep his head cool on a hot day.

This was a new exhibition area we didn't see the last time we visited the zoo. Interesting to learn more about the North Pole.

The elands who always look like they are listening to something intently.

And yes, we also met the birds' BFF, the rhinoceros. They get along pretty well, really.

This beauty walked right up to the glass window that we were looking into, laid down and started gazing into the distance. Definitely showing off his fur to us.

Always amazed at how smooth and shiny these coats are.

Kwang Soo!!!!

We stood there for a good five minutes watching the little gorilla who's unsuccessfully trying to get the fruits by poking them with a stick. What he was supposed to do was to push the fruits to the bottom where there is an opening to pick them out. I wonder how long he would take to figure that out. Poor chap.

We always reach the Rainforest KidzWorld by lunch time, and that's where the kids would have fun at the water playground, have KFC lunch and feed the little animals.

But we let Joey take the pony ride for the first time that day, and even though it was a super long wait and a super short ride, the kids had fun. $6 - Not cheap at all. And one poor little pony serving everyone.

The highlight for the kids is always to be able to feed the goats. They'd pick up leaves from the ground or take the vegetables provided by the zoo to feed them, and we can stay here for at least 30 minutes. Always fun for the kids to get up, close and personal with the little animals, I guess.

The water playground at the KidzWorld is pretty commendable - It's pretty big with lots of animal characters, and there're many water splashes everywhere. Any kid would go crazy in there.


But the kids spent a lot of time that day at a new facility area at the KidzWorld called the 'Rainforest Challenge', just next to the dry playground. Basically, they are stations that require the kids to try balancing acts. Pretty fun and interesting. :)

This has got to be my favourite! Board the raft, and pull yourself over to the other side!

We had a full day of fun at the zoo - It's really a great place for family outings! :) Happy 40th Birthday, Mandai Zoo!

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