Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids-Friendly Restaurant: Charly-T's

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If you are looking for a kids-friendly restaurant to have a family lunch on a Sunday, I have a recommendation for you today.

Every third Sunday of the month, Charly T's organises activities to engage the little ones while the adults have a relaxing and leisurely lunch. Last Sunday, my kids were invited to check out their July's activity, and the kids had so much fun making paper puppets. More on that later.

I've been to Charly T's several times, and I like their signature dish - Rotisserie Chicken, which comes in Original or Black Pepper flavour. Depending on your appetite, you can choose to have quarter, half or whole chicken. Every quarter chicken also comes with a selection of two out of four different sides - Steamed fresh vegetables, macaroni & cheese, butter garlic rice or mashed potatoes.

Original Rotisserie Chicken (Quarter chicken with 2 additions at $14.50+)/ Black Pepper Rotisserie Chicken* (Quarter chicken with 2 additions at $15.50+)  *Black pepper is a seasonal flavour - restaurant rotates between black pepper, BBQ, garlic and other flavours on a seasonal basis.

The kids chose off the kids' menu - Pasta with Tomato Sauce ($9.50+) & Sausage with Fries ($9.50+), and they were served with a complimentary fresh fruit juice each.

Just a tip - If you are planning to feed the kids before they join the special activities, try reaching around 12pm to have your lunch first as the class is from 1pm to 2pm every third Sunday of the month.

We ended off our lunch with one of my favourite desserts there - Kaiserchmarrn ($16+). This is totally comfort food - Warm tossed pancakes drenched with maple sauce and raisins, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side. Definitely worth a try!

After a hearty lunch, the girls couldn't wait to start the paper puppet class! The class was held at the kids' corner in the restaurant - when no programmes are happening, kids can hang around at this corner as well because there are storybooks, paper for doodling and even a TV screen that plays cartoons. The good thing about this corner is that it is visible from most of the indoor tables, so parents can keep an eye on their kids while they continue dining.

The teacher arrived and started the class with 6 kids. She started off with a short story-telling session before teaching the kids how to make their puppets, which are related to the characters in her story. The kids were very entertained!

My kids love art & craft anytime, so this is the thing for them. They enjoyed themselves very much that Sunday afternoon and kept talking about it when they got home. :)

If you are interested to check out the activities for kids, do know that the next upcoming class will be Origami on 18 August 2013, 1pm to 2pm. The class will be limited to a maximum of 20 children on a first-come-first-serve basis, and is free-of-charge for kids accompanied by dining adults. :)

By the way, Charly T's also has a Student Promotion - Simply flash a student card to enjoy a signature waffle and two soft drinks or homemade iced teas for just $8+! Applicable on Mondays to Fridays between 2pm to 5pm, with free wi-fi available.

Charly T's
112 East Coast Road #03-15, I12 Katong
Singapore 428802
T: 6636 4701
F: 6636 4704
E: [email protected]
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