Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Simple Happiness

I don't know if it's got to do with age, but happiness to me now is a very different thing compared to what it was when I was a Secondary School girl.

Or perhaps it's got to do with how life has evolved and changed. What used to be important to me doesn't seem that important anymore. At the end of the day, all I care for is my family - My hubby, kids and parents. Happiness translates directly to family time, and I feel the happiest and most relaxed when I am just hanging out with them, even if we are doing nothing much at all.

Finally, the school holidays have ended, so my Monday off days have returned to me in full glory. Last Monday, hubby and I went for our date after a long wait and had such a great time together. It was also hubby's belated birthday celebration for me, so it was a day filled with things that I love. :)

Lunch was at Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng and BBQ restaurant at Takashimaya. The food was so awesome - I love Korean BBQ!

We opted to BBQ our own meats. But of course - what's the fun without doing it ourselves?!

My very handsome date. :) The set that we ordered for two pax was very value-for-money. There're several sets of different pricing to choose from, but the one I chose had all the dishes that I wanted to eat. =P It came with 2 plates of meat, 2 rice, a spicy tofu & seafood soup and 2 plates of fruits. All these for $49++.

As with most Korean restaurants, they served 6 appetizers - I like the beansprouts, kimchi and spinach. :)

Special BBQ plate that barbecues and absorbs all the smoke via the rims at the same time. It was so amazing that the whole restaurant didn't have a strong BBQ smell! We left the place practically smell-less too.

The meats were so so so good.

I love the spicy tofu soup as well - It was definitely refreshing for my taste buds!

After lunch, we popped by this cafe along River Valley Road called 'Five & Dime'. It's been on my cafe list for a while, and I'm glad we finally made it there.

The interiors were simple with a New York feel. Love the raw walls and wooden planks on the ceiling.

It's very cosy being inside, and because it was not very crowded, it was really nice to chill.

Their latte was not bad.

Ordered a simple thick toast and had it with butter and strawberry jam. After a full meal, coffee and sweet treats are just perfect. :)

Simple happiness. Red heart

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