Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Redmart: The New Online Grocer

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I have a love-hate relationship with grocery shopping.

Supermarket therapy works for me. When I have a little time on-hand in a shopping mall, I would head to the supermarket undoubtedly because just walking and browsing the items on the shelves aisle after aisle is therapeutic and brings an unexplainable joy to my heart. I refuse to see it as a symptom of aging because obviously, my four-year-old loves the therapy as much as I do.

But as I start to have my own family, grocery shopping is no longer just about buying stuffs that I like. It's become more of a monthly duty that I have to do, otherwise the entire household cannot carry on functioning. It got worse after the kids came along because they morph into Typhoon Joey & Jayne the moment they enter the supermarket. They sweep through every shelf and counter (mysteriously always only the titbits section) for their favourite things. It takes an average of 3 minutes for them to gather a hand-full of sweets, titbits and chocolates and lay them on the cashier's table. It came to a point where I dread going to the supermarket for our monthly needs - It was too tiring and draining having to say 'No!', 'Put that back NOW!' and 'I'm not buying that.' the entire time we were in the supermarket.

And have I even mentioned the big and heavy bags of groceries that we have to lug home after that? Think 10kg rice + 3 large tins of milk powder + 4 packets of diapers + 60 packets of fresh milk + washing detergent...... I really don't want to bore you.

And so, since a year back, a wise bug bit me and I turned to my saviour - Online grocery shopping. Shopping online for my groceries has 4 major benefits for me:

1. I get to compare prices between the different brands because similar products of different brands are usually listed together.

2. I shop in the comfort of my own home while sipping coffee and watching TV, usually when the kids are asleep. No more noisy kids asking me every few seconds whether they can buy something. Totally awesome.

3. I usually pay with credit card, thus chocking up points that I can use to get cash rebates or gifts. Heh.

4. The groceries are all delivered to my house at a time of my choice. No more lugging heavy grocery bags while trying desperately to stop my kids from running everywhere.

Because of these benefits, I've never looked back after trying online grocery shopping for the first time. I need no more convincing about how it has made my life better. So I was really thrilled to learn that a new online grocer has opened for business!

Redmart is the latest online store in Singapore and being a fan of online grocery shopping, I was pumped up to try this new store! I am pretty happy with the online store I had been using, and was a little skeptical how this new store could match up. I have to say, I am pretty convinced. Redmart addressed several 'complains' I have with my current online store. Plus, it was easy as A-B-C to use the online store.

A friendly front page greets you with a Hi there! as you enter the store:


Shopping is easy. All you need to do is to create an account for the first time, and subsequently login using your credentials. There is a large variety of products all neatly categorised on the website. You may go category by category so that you don't miss out anything, or you can also go straight to the specific category if you already have a grocery list on hand.


What I also liked about the Redmart is that details of the products are listed as well. That helps me very much in my decision-making. For example, you can see the following page on diapers - the quantities for each product & brand are listed clearly. I like that!


Placing an order is easy. You can either click on 'Add To Cart' on the product listing page, or you can click on the product of your choice and it brings you to the product's individual page where you can click on 'Add To Cart' or 'Add To My List', which is a list you can save and keep for future reference or the next order.


Another feature I like about this online store is that your orders are tallied instantly and you can see how much you have spent so far at the top bar. Any feature with the user in mind is awesome.


After you are done selecting everything that you need, just follow the instructions to complete the shopping by selecting your delivery address and payment option.


A good feature at the delivery page is that you can leave a special instruction for the deliveryman to give you a call upon reaching, etc. When deliveries are in the afternoon on my off days and I may be taking a nap inside the bedroom, I would not be able to hear the doorbell. This is definitely useful for me.


I was especially impressed with their delivery timings. Every time slot is a two-hour window, which means I do not need to wait around for my groceries to arrive - I have a better control of when it will arrive and plan my time well. Furthermore, the earliest delivery time I could choose was the next day - that was just great! My current online store delivers in 2 days' time at best!


Finally, payment can be done via paypal or credit card online, or with cash/credit card upon delivery. Easy and fuss-free.


Just before the order is finalised, you will be brought to a confirmation page where you can double check all your details again - address, delivery time and payment method. Press on 'Place My Order' and you are all done! :)


Within 3 seconds, I received a confirmation email on my orders. The wonderful thing was that I received an SMS notification on the day of my delivery to remind me that the items were to be delivered that day, with a mobile number I could contact if I needed any clarifications or changes. Great assurance that my orders were in order. And my purchases did arrive on time and everything was in order. I am happy with their service. :)

There are several other great features that Redmart offers and I will cover that in my next post. If you are not convinced, I encourage you to try it out yourself at Online grocery shopping is the way to go!


When making your purchases on Redmart, key in this discount code to enjoy 10% off your first purchase: rm_jbabies
Go on to now to buy your groceries! :)

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