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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Manicure & Pedicure Treats! (Review & Giveaway!)

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Before the June school holidays ended, the girls were treated to complimentary manicure & pedicure by The Nail Place Katina. In case you don't already know, my girls are BIG FANS of manicure/pedicure. They do a lot of pretend play at home involving painting each other's nails, and pretending to be beautiful princesses.  Jayne was especially excited because it was going to be her first mani/pedi!

The nail spa is a small but cosy place, with quite a good selection of accessories on sale, I thought. The entire shop only allows three customers at any one time, but that means it's not as rowdy as some salons. What I liked best about the shop was the manicurists - they were friendly, smiley and my kids like them!

Check out the look of anticipation on their faces. Baby Jayne might be their youngest customer ever! No matter how they tried to shift the sofa, her legs were still unable to reach the basin. :P

The girls got even happier when they heard that the manicurists were going to do nail art for them instead of just one solid colour! I was excited to know what designs they could draw on their super small nails! That must require good skills!

The manicurist first did a basic coat of red for Joey's fingernails...

Then using a really fine-tipped pen, she started drawing on the nails...

And they evolved into cute mini hello kitties!! =D My girl was elated of course.

What a challenge it must be for the manicurists to paint such tiny nails, but they were patient and kept chatting with the girls to keep them from becoming restless. :)

Jayne's toenails became pink with white polka dots, and her fingernails had hello kitty too (the girl insisted after seeing her sister's pretty nails!)

And I love Joey's toenails! They reminded me of Candy Crush! The big toe nails had ribbons and the rest had polka dots. :)

The girls definitely felt like they received royal treatment that day, and what a great way to mark the final week of the school holidays for them. :)

I love personalised services at shop such as this one. The place makes you feel at home and very relaxed. Best of all, prices are very reasonable because they are located in the heartlands. Apart from the usual mani/pedi, you can also pamper yourself once in a while with spa mani/pedi, collagen or paraffin. :)

The Nail Place Katina
Blk744 Yishun Street 72 #01-193, Singapore 760744


The Nail Place Katina will be giving away complimentary classic manicures to three readers of The J Babies! All you have to do is to leave me a comment on this blog entry stating what is your favourite nail art design, or send me an email at with that comment. Remember also to like The J Babies facebook page, and leave me your email address for easy contacting should you be one of the winners. This service can be used for either adults or children. Deadline for submission: Wed, 17 July 2013, 10pm.

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