Monday, July 15, 2013

Zespri Kiwi fruits Are Now In Season!


If you recall, I did a series of blog posts on my Zespri journey last year, experimenting dishes with Zespri kiwifruits, drinking kiwi fruit juices or simply eating the fruit on its own. A year has zoomed past just like that, and here we are one year later, at the start of the Zespri kiwifruit season again!

Thanks to Zespri, hubby and I went for a kiwi feast last week at Fern & Kiwi - Love the restaurant, food & the company of fellow bloggers! The food especially was amazing - The Zespri kiwi fruits went so well with the different ingredients, I'm truly inspired. Perhaps it's time to create my own kiwi fruit dishes again. :)

Little cards on the table entertained us while we were waiting for the dinner to start. Perhaps you didn't know this little tip too?

I have to admit that I am not a fan of sour things, which is why I prefer golden kiwi fruits over the green ones. But apparently, this year's harvest produced what they call 'vintage crops', which are kiwi fruits that are more juicy and sweeter, a result of the lower amount of rainfall at the beginning of the year. In fact, kiwi fruits that are left to be fully ripened in room temperature are usually all sweet, even the green ones. It's no wonder - we leave our kiwi fruits in the fridge most of the time! Time to let them out, it seems.

During the dinner, we were presented many interesting facts about Zespri - where the crops come from, processes and quality controls etc. It was all very amazing to see how an agricultural industry has been corporatized and blossomed into such a huge success we see today.

Dinner begun with a pretty appetizer - Seafood Salad. It was tangy and sweet, and really fresh with the great kiwi fruit flavours all around. It totally whet my appetite!

We had a choice of main course between lamb & fish, and we ordered one of each. Hubby loved the lamb cutlets - it was chargrilled to perfection drizzled with the refreshing kiwi fruit relish.

My pan-seared snapper loin was perfect for me - Love the texture, the doneness and the sweet & sour sauce. Very delightful.

Dessert was Kiwi Pana Cotta, and it was so yummy I finished the whole portion - very rare for me in fact. Such a happy kiwi fruit feast - I liked every course of it!

And of course, as a finale to the dinner, we were served cut kiwi fruits in abundance. The green kiwi fruits were indeed sweeter than past years, and I thought the golden kiwi fruits had a slight taste of honey in it. Very yummy!

Zespri Kiwifruit are a great source of vitamin C, dietary fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin E, carotenoids and other antioxidants. They have a low GI and are low in fat, and sodium - so they are perfect to eat everyday. In fact, the Vitamin E, folate and potassium found in kiwi fruits are much higher compared to other fruits. This is therefore one of the best fruits to let my kids eat on a daily basis. As was seen from last year's 14-day challenge, the kids improved in their digestive system and appetites, and their immunity system was strengthened as well. I am pretty convinced by its nutritional benefits.

Why don't you take on the challenge as well? Eat Zespri kiwi fruits for 14 consecutive days and see the positive change in your body. Our health is so important, and it's definitely worth investing in. :)

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