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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Four Things I Love About National Day

Interestingly, while I am not exceptionally patriotic, I get very excited when National Day draws near. I love seeing the Singapore flags hung and flying on the HDB blocks. I feel happy hearing the NDP songs playing on the radio and TV frequently. I feel extremely proud and moved when the National Anthem is sung during the National Day Parade.

After the kids came along, National Day has become even more fun - I make the entire family dress up in red and we hum the NDP songs all day long. There is a leap in our footsteps the entire day, and generally, everyone's in a good mood. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I actually do like National Day a lot - It's probably my favourite after Chinese New Year and Christmas.

Since tomorrow's National Day, I thought I should share four reasons why I love this special day. Perhaps, you share some of my sentiments too. =P

1. National Day Parade

Baby Jayne attended her first NDP at 15 months.

It's always been my wish to attend the National Day Parade live, and my wish came through about 3 years ago when I got complimentary tickets to watch one of the rehearsals. Even though it was just a rehearsal and some of the performers were not even in their costumes, I was very glad I could lug my whole family there. It even started drizzling before the show started and lasted till the end. Joey also burst out crying when the fireworks came on. Still, I was glad we made it. I felt like crying when all the familiar tunes were sang! It was so emotional. I can't imagine how much better it would be on the actual NDP!

2. National Day concerts & picnics

The kids all dressed in red on our red picnic mat at an event last year. I made sure we followed the theme strictly. =P

As National Day draws near, many events happen all over the island in celebration of the special day. I would always opt for those that allow me to set up my picnic mat and feast out of my picnic basket. I love the atmosphere at such open-air concerts and picnics - So much fun! I am not one of those moms who would frown when my kids roll on the grass or touch anything on the ground, so I don't get nervous at such open-air events. I only wish we have more of these events in Singapore.

3. Fireworks

View from Marina Bay's The Lawn

View from hotel room

Need I say more? Love the long fireworks display every year - Always so colourful, dazzling and amazing. Last year was also the first time my family got invited to view the fireworks from a hotel room booked by a friend. So lovely!

4. The NDP songs

I grew up singing many of the songs in school, and there were years when 'Sing Singapore' was very popular, and I bought the cassette tapes and songbooks even! Was just chatting with hubby the other day about our favourite NDP tunes and he said his is 'Stand Up for Singapore'! Mine is 'Where I Belong' by Tanya Chua because I love the melody and I even performed this song with a few other colleagues at a company National Day celebration before! What fond memories. Which is your favourite NDP tune? :)

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For some unknown reasons, National Day is always a time when I get reflective about my life. I am thankful for such a safe country to live in, with good living conditions and environment where my kids can grow up healthily in. I am thankful that I can be a mom to two wonderful girls, and they are free from infections and sicknesses. I am thankful that while I may not be the richest person around, I have the ability to protect my kids from harm and give them the best things in life I can possibly give. It's funny how a birthday celebration for a nation can evoke such emotions in me without fail every year. I guess life is not just about celebrating things of great magnitude; Every small thing in our lives should be celebrated and appreciated. That is how we can keep our hearts full of joy, agree? :)

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