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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The New Playground: Standard Obstacle Course

And so, we visited the Army Museum of Singapore last weekend, and the kids tried out the Standard Obstacle Course! Yes, I'm absolutely not kidding, except the SOC we are talking about here is a mini one. You wouldn't expect my kids to be able to do something that all army boys detest, right??

To the kids, this was not much different from a typical playground. The scorching hot sun did not deter them one bit. I was literally melting away.

It does looked like a playground. It's no wonder the girls got so excited.

Papa Isaiah decided to guide Joey along to show her the 'right' way to conquer the SOC.

I was very impressed with my girl indeed. She totally nailed every obstacle along the way, like a fit soldier!

She was too tall for the monkey bars though. =P Literally walked through it.

But this papa was worse. =.=

This was a big challenge for the girls though. They didn't have the strength (or the skill) to climb all the way up of course.

The balancing beams were quite fun. :)

Poor Papa had to go Round Two, this time with Jayne. Haha!

It was too challenging for her mostly, so she just bluffed her way through.

What an extraordinary playground, I say! Kinda interesting for the girls to have a glimpse into what every army boy has to conquer during their BMT. Only found at the Army Museum of Singapore! =)

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