Monday, October 14, 2013

Gardens By The Bay OCBC Skyway

I've been to Gardens by the Bay many times, but I've never been up the OCBC Skyway before. It costs $5/person to get up there, and I always thought that it would be quite boring up there. It turned out to be a really fun walk - My family enjoyed it very much!

See the bridge that connects several Supertrees together? That's the OCBC Skyway.


Quite frankly, these Supertrees don't look that pretty, but they somehow always look fabulous on photos.


We were up on the Skyway at about 5pm and though it was still pretty sunny, the strong breeze made it a really pleasant walk.


I'll have to say that the main drawing point of the Skyway is the great paranomic views you can get from up there. It was peaceful too, quite surprisingly. Very therapeutic. If I didn't have two hyperactive kids with me, I don't mind staying up there longer, just to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the views.





Some of the sights you can shoot from way up there. :)