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Monday, October 21, 2013

LEGOLAND Water Park Malaysia Is Open!!

Media Invite

The first LEGOLAND Water Park in Asia, and the largest of its kind in the world OPENS TODAY!

The Water Park contains over 3 million litres of water and has more than 20 unique water based rides. There are also
over 70 specially built LEGO models. We were very excited to check out the spanking new Water Park last Saturday during its media preview, and the weather was just perfect! At one point, the sun was burning hot, but generally, it was slightly cloudy and windy. Thankfully, the rain (and thunder) only came after we decided to call it a day and headed to bathe. We didn't really have a choice actually - We were already charcoal-black by then. :P

The Water Park is located just next to LEGOLAND - Easily spotted because it's super colourful - You can't miss it.


We quickly got changed and kept our stuffs in a locker (Locker rental: Small - RM20, Large - RM40 for whole day). No time to lose!!


For a start, you can take a float down the Build-A-Raft lazy river in one of those huge floats, but you really cannot afford to be lazy at all. As you cruise down, you can collect the giant LEGO bricks floating everywhere and build your own creations on the float! This is really fun and my two girls got hysterical trying to out-collect each other. This is easily my family's most favourite ride in the whole Park. :)


These are the giant LEGO bricks that go into the lazy river. I love them! Very versatile and fun for water play. :)



Don't you love these twin floats?? So awesome for families with kids. =D You can build anything with the LEGO bricks on those blue building plates.




Our second most favourite ride in the park is of course the water playground - The Joker Soaker. That huge yellow bucket that comes pouring down every few minutes give the kids (and adults) a huge thrill without fail! And of course, the splashing waters and slides everywhere make this really fun for everyone. I admire my kids for their guts really. I tried venturing into the playground with Jayne a few times, and I was scared stiff when the waters came shooting at my face from left, right, top and bottom. My face turned so white from the experience my kids thought I was very wimpy. =.= Obviously, the other kids would feel the same way about me - Everyone looked like they were having a ball of a time.


And thus, this time round, I sent my braver half into the battlefield. I am glad to report he looked like he had a lot more fun than me.



For the younger kids who may not dare to play in the happening water playground, the DUPLO Splash Safari is a good choice. I am sure you can tell that even the 'adult' would have a very good time here.


Here's why it's good to have two daughters - They take good care of you when you go down a steep slide, one of each side.


For the more adventurous, you have to try out all the other exciting tunnel slides like the Twin Chasers, Splash Out etc. It's a pity that we didn't manage to take these rides because of several (valid) reasons:

1. Joey meets the minimum height requirement but is too scaredy cat to try the rides.
2. Jayne is not a scaredy cat but she doesn't meet the minimum height requirement (At least 1.07m).
3. Daddy is a scaredy cat.
4. Mummy is a scaredy cat.


I hope that pretty much explains why we had to muster up ALL our courage to take the friendliest ride of them all - The Red Rush. This is a family tube slide where six people can ride together on a humongous float down it. The minimum height limit for this ride is 1.02m, which Jayne barely met. So all 4 of us went down this slide, with Joey screaming into my ears 90% of the time, 'MUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! SOOOOO SCARYYYYYYY!!!!!'. The truth is this is a really mild ride with little twists and turns and totally no plunging points. But I guess for my household, this could well be our limit. I am totally ashamed and proud all at the same time that we completed this with much gusto. In fact, Jayne had so much fun that she made the husband go on it again with her.


Maybe the next time I visit the Park again, I will muster up enough courage to try one of these racers. Looks fun, don't you think?


Many people's favourite hangout place would be the LEGO Wave Pool - There are many lounge chairs here, and of course, the pool that beats waves. It's totally the place to chill and relax.


We had so much fun here letting the waves push us here, there and everywhere. I admit the drama queen genes in us did play a part in making the whole experience more fun and those around us might find us a little over-exaggerated. The truth is the waves were not that strong, but we were having fun, so that was all that mattered. Love spending time with these crazy kids of mine! :D


A LEGOLAND Hotel will open at the beginning of 2014, and along with the Water Park and LEGOLAND, they will complete the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort experience. For families who do not want to travel too far for their vacations, the LEGOLAND Resort would be one of the most feasible options. For us Singaporeans, it's just a quick drive over to Johor Bahru or a coach ride from the Singapore Flyer. Check out the entrance fees for your next holiday planning:


Thanks LEGOLAND for a wonderful family day last weekend - WE HAD A BLAST! :)

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