Monday, October 21, 2013

Lifebuoy Secret Wash


Cultivating good habits in kids is one of the hardest things to do. But as a parent, I understand that if I want my kids to grow up healthy and happy, certain good habits have to be drilled into them, no matter how tedious it is. After all, it is always better to pre-empt a problem before it arises than to do fire-fighting after that.

Hygiene is always an issue of concern on the minds of parents. Kids generally do not care about hygiene as long as they are having fun and sometimes, that's where the problem is. My kids get all caught up with having fun while doing their favourite activities and forget about keeping their hands clean. But we all know that clean hands are so important - Good hygiene begin with good hand-washing habits!

That is why Lifebuoy created the Colour-Changing anti-bacteria handwash, which is not just fun to wash the hands with, but is also a clear visual indication that the germs have been removed from our hands! Now, the kids fight to get their hands washed first because they want to see the colour changed! =P



The truth is keeping good hygiene habits doesn't need to be dull and boring. To encourage the kids to 'enjoy' the handwashing process and thus feel motivated to do it frequently, I came up with a simple rhyme song. My kids love rhymes, and they get all hyped up singing and washing at the same time. And because I'm nice, I'm sharing my rhyme with you so that you too can have some fun with your kids as well. Here we go!

(To the tune of 'Old Mac'donalds Had A Farm')

Washing hands is so much fun
No more germs and no more dirt

With a press press here and a rub rub there
Here wash, there wash, everywhere wash wash

Washing hands is so much fun

From now to 23rd October, submit your child’s photo at and the first 100 submissions will receive a Limited Edition Lifebuoy Secret Wash poster featuring their child’s face along with a free full-sized Colour Changing Handwash. This is how your poster will look like! Of course, the name and the face of the kid would be customised accordingly. :)

Secret Wash Visual

My song may seem a little amateur, I know. But if you are game for something more high-level, check out these video clips - There are incredible moves you can get your kids to follow and learn - Handwashing time can be turned into a great, fun time!

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Can't wait to show you MY customised poster. Look how cute it is! Jayne turned into a Bollywood star! Haha!


The poster's now pasted on the wall of my toilet, so that Jayne can remember to wash her hands thoroughly every time while looking at her own poster. =P


She was extremely thrilled to see herself on a poster. =P


Can't wait to submit your photo?? Go on to this site now: You might be one of the 100 to receive a customised poster as well! :)