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Friday, October 18, 2013

Peperoni Pizzaria

I've heard many raves about the pizzas at Peperoni but haven't had the chance to try it yet, so when I saw that an outlet was going to be open at Suntec Basement One, I was anticipating to try it one of these days. I finally did at my Department Lunch yesterday.

I love the look of the interiors - The 'LOVE' absolutely stood out - This photo totally doesn't do it any justice! On the walls, you can find many interesting quotes - And the one I like best is 'All we knead is love.' :)


Our group of 15 people were given a long red wooden table with bright orange metal chairs. Super love the retro feel!


We ordered the largest pizza in the shop to share. This 21-inch pizza can feed 4-6 pax and costs $50. We have the option of having it in two different flavours - We chose pepperoni and salmon respectively.


It was really HUGE - and tasted good too! But I thought that because it's so humongous, it gets a little soggy towards the centre of the pizza. The thin crust at the edges was awesome - and I wish we could have more of that. Perhaps ordering medium-sized pizzas would be better in that case.


Some of us also ordered pasta to share - I have to say the Aglio Olio WAS SUPER GOOD. It's way, way better than the pizzas. The carbonara with bacon was also yummy and totally worth ordering. I'm so sorry I forgot to snap photos of the pasta because I was too hungry. But trust me - They were really good.

Set lunches are available and I thought they were really value for money. For a little less than $15, you can choose between a set of pizza or pasta, and each set comes with a drink and a salad. The portions are huge, so if you are also ordering pizzas or side dishes to share, a few people can share one set lunch.

I'll definitely be back for more!

(All photos captured by my trusty Samsung Note II)

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