Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Woody Family Cafe Sembawang

Remember my recent post on Sembawang Park playground?

We popped by a nearby restaurant for dinner after our playground time. We've visited this restaurant several times before when it was known as Buckaroo's. Now, it's been taken over by Woody Family Cafe and I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw the whole place lighted up like this!


I am not exaggerating - It was magical. It actually felt like Christmas came early with all those fairy lights hanging above our heads.


I love it too that some of the seats are now replaced by sofas, so it makes for a really cosy dinner place.


The whole cafe's pretty big, with different seating arrangements. For a small group of 6-8 friends, you can take a table at a corner with some privacy. I think it's so lovely!



This was the other end of the cafe - As you can see, the seats are separated by partitions. Really nice if you want to have a nice, quiet chat with your friends and not be disturbed by others.


This cafe is a little special on its own, because it's a bungalow on its own, converted into a cafe. If you are trying to find the cafe, it's located among residential bungalows. It's a really good place to go for a nice dinner with your family.



The menu offers Western, Italian and Peranakan dishes. Kids' menu is available as well at $12.90/set and includes a main, drink and a cupcake.

We ordered a huge feast!

Garden salad


To the kids, the fun part was mixing up the salad. The salad was made with a tinge of spicyness, and I thought I tasted tom yam. Pretty refreshing.


Their buffalo wings are famous - You can choose the level of spicyness and the minimum order is half a dozen.


Half spring chicken - Very crispy and yummy!


The kids chose Fish & chips for their kids' meal, and it came served on a fish plate.


We also ordered a 6-inch Hawaiian pizza - Normal.


I love love love the ambience of this restaurant at night - So romantic and cosy all at the same time! :)

Woody Family Cafe
12F Andrews Avenue
Singapore 759930
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