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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CHC Candlelight Services 2013

It is my most favorite service of the year. :)

What makes it extra special this year is because my parents and mother-in-law also attended the service with my family. It was my parents’ first candlelight service since my dad got saved a few months back, so I was really looking forward to attending the service with them. Little things bring more joy than the salvation of our family members, I believe.

For the uninitiated, a Candlelight service is a Christmas service with the usual works of a normal church service, but ending with the lighting of the candles. It’s been a tradition of my church for as long as I can remember – Everyone’s given a candle. At the start, all lights are switched off in the hall with a trolley of candles lit on stage. The pastors and senior leadership would light their candles with these candles, then go into the congregation to light the candles of the rest of the members. As the candle light gets passed on from one person to another, the entire hall get lit up with candles. You can try to imagine how beautiful that is. :)

There are many meaning behind a ‘light’. It dispels darkness and brings hope to a world of despair. We are all called to be the light of the world – to bring that hope into the lives of those who are hopeless. Every year during Candlelight service, the atmosphere of love and hope in the air is so amazing. It is also the only service in the year where Pastor will encourage everyone to take out their cameras and mobile phones and take photos with one another. This year, I’m glad I could do that with my parents. :)


Merry Christmas, Papa & Mummy. I pray you will be healthy and strong for many, many years to come. I love you so much.


Merry Christmas, Mom. Thank you for your love for me and for the kids. Without you, how would I manage?


Merry Christmas, cell group friends! Thank you for giving me such a wonderful spiritual family with your faithfulness and tenacity. Yes, even all of you who were not in the picture!


Merry Christmas, darlings. You are the sunshine in my life. You know how much I love you girls.


Merry Christmas, hubby. My pillar of strength, my support, my confidante. My life will not be complete without you. Love you most!


Thankful for yet another year in City Harvest Church. Together, we’ll ride the storms and emerge stronger in 2014! :)


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