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Monday, December 16, 2013

Studio Me? (Yes, A Giveaway Too!]

Sponsored Review

Studio.Me is the first retail green-screen self-shoot photography studio in Singapore. If you’ve never heard about them, it’s time you did! I’ve been there twice and both times, I enjoyed myself tremendously. It’s such an ingenious idea – why didn’t anyone think about it earlier??

When I first heard of the concept of Studio.Me, I wondered to myself how nice photos can be taken without the presence of a professional photographer. But that’s the whole idea of Studio.Me. It’s basically a studio where you can select the background you like on the LED screen, pose and take your photos at your own pace in the privacy of your own studio. There is a 3-button foot panel provided in each studio for you to switch backgrounds and then snap a shot when you are ready. It’s as simple as that!

The 1st time the husband brought us to Studio.Me, I brought my family along and we had a crazy time posing and snapping really funny and silly shots. They were so funny we arranged another day just to see the photos together and laugh all over again. I frankly didn’t think it would be that fun, but it was, even for the old folks! So, when I was offered a second session at Studio.Me, I very excitedly invited my best friends to go with me!

This is basically what the studio looks like.

It’s a green backdrop as you can see, and Studio.Me uses a technology known as Chroma Key Compositing, which digitally removes the green background and replaces it with the background that you have chosen before the shot. The end result will be shown on the LED screen on the spot. Apart from that, there are fun props such as glasses, wigs, bags, microphones, hats, bears etc, provided for you to use to make your photos more interesting!

Apart from the standard backgrounds provided all-year round, Studio.Me also introduces special themed background during special occasions. When we were there the first time round, there was the Halloween theme, and this time round, we got the Christmas theme! Love how lovely all the backgrounds are, and we had so much fun snapping and snapping in the studios! Even the kids have become pro at this – This whole system is so simple to operate that the kids can take lots of selfies themselves!

 Unity_131208_140329 POP_131208_140559

Amazed at the high quality of the shots? Studio.Me uses professional photography equipment, so you can rest assured that all the shots would be high-definition and suitable for large prints if needed.

Check out some of the shots we took that day! Yes, you do need a little dramatic genes inside of you to maximize the fun out of this one.

Icon_131208_141906Icon_131208_142418Icon_131208_142542Icon_131208_142835 Icon_131208_142908 Icon_131208_143018 Icon_131208_143416 Icon_131208_145123  POP_131208_141929 POP_131208_142546  Unity_131208_141931 POP_131208_143106 Icon_131208_150048 Unity_131208_140856 Unity_131208_143926 Unity_131208_144318

I think you get the idea by now, ya? The gist is to just pose and have fun snapping!!! At the end of your session, all the photos will be saved into a CD and handed to you. So the faster you snap, the more photos you’ll get at the end of it all! If you like, you can also opt for the photos to be printed into canvases, or large printouts for you at additional charges.


You’ll be glad to know that their prices are really reasonable – This Christmas, do something fun with your family and friends!

: City Square Mall, #04-17 (opposite Daiso), 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539
Nearest MRT: Direct link from Farrer Park MRT Station
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 9.30pm
Telephone: 6509 9973
[email protected]
: www.facebook.com/studiomesg

Studio.Me is currently having a Christmas promotion of $25 for 30-minutes session - This promo can be used for any day and any studio.  Grab this great deal!!!

* * * * *


Studio.Me is giving away THREE vouchers worth $49.90 each and is valid for a 30-min session (your choice of one Studio) to three readers of The J Babies. All you need to do is to complete the following step:


1) Leave me a comment on this blog post telling me who would you like to go for the Studio.Me session if you are one of the winners.
2) Like Studio.Me Facebook page

For bonus points:

1. Like The J Babies fan page if you have not.
2. Like & share this blog post on your Facebook wall and tag me Klessis Lee so that I know (Tip: Click like button below this post & post on FB)

Closing date: Wed, 19 Dec 2013, 12pm.

P/S: The J Babies was sponsored one-hour session at Studio.Me for all three studios for purpose of review, but all opinions expressed are mine. No other monetary compensation was received.

* This giveaway has ended and the winners contacted. They are Jasmine Yen, Tan Meow Ling & Kristie Wong. Thank you for your participation!*

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