Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today Is ISAIAH Day

Today is the birthday of the most important man in my life.


We’ve celebrated your birthday together for 20 years or so, and if you think about it, that’s 50% of your life spent with such an awesome woman like me (Ahem). I’ve often thought about who you really mean to me, and why I can still be in love with you after so many years. I think complacency is the biggest stumbling block in any relationship. Once we become too complacent, and we don’t make much effort anymore, a relationship can become stale and meaningless. Marriage, among so many different kinds of relationships, require the most effort to maintain, cultivate and manage.

And since today is your day, here are the reasons why I love you so much, ISAIAH.


I hate to admit it, but it seems that you are more intelligent than me. My languages may be strong, but when it comes to counting, it gives me a headache. Thankfully, you are super good in Maths and can handle all the finances and accounts-related matters in the household. They would have made me very miserable. While I do have a certain level of common sense, your general knowledge and knowledge about countries and their Prime Ministers and whatnots never fail to impress me. I thank God everyday that I have a smart husband because I cannot tolerate stupidity.

Don’t worry, I am not talking about you who’s reading this. You already have a respectable amount of wisdom because you are reading my blog.


While I have to admit that you weren’t a very sensitive guy growing up, I am glad that you have become more and more sensitive to the needs and feelings of other people as you grow older. Especially towards me, I am surprised that you can tell when I am in a foul mood or upset about something I don’t wish to talk about. I guess our many years together played a big part, but you don’t know how warm it makes my heart feel when I know you know how I feel. Tongue-twister statement but it’s true in every sense. I think it’s horrible to have a spouse who is not sensitive to my moods, emotions and feelings, so I am thankful you are one sensitive husband, perfectly in tuned with what I am feeling most of the time.


Possibly a word most heard of in discipleships, but to me, this is an essential ingredient in every relationship. Thank you for always being accountable to me about your whereabouts, what you are going through and what you are thinking of doing. One small gesture that you always do that makes me feel very loved is that you will always text me when you are on your way home from an appointment or gathering with friends. Thank you for making me feel assured and loved in your little ways.


Yes, you read that right. You are so irritating but I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love you so. I hate being tickled or frightened (you know those kind when someone jumps out from somewhere and shouts ‘Boo!’ Hate those), but you love to irritate me by doing that from time to time. Life has been so much more interesting because of your irritating ways, my love.


I hate to say this but you are definitely more concerned about outward appearances than me. When I feel lazy, I can leave the house in a sloppy tee & jeans, but you are almost always meticulously dressed in the nicest clothes. I like it that you make effort to dress up of course – nobody likes a sloppy husband. Underneath my intellectual demeanor, I think I am just a shallow woman who likes my husband to be well groomed and attractive all the time. Because of that, I try my best to match up too.


I remember during our early days of courtship, I used to laugh at everything you said. Not because I was trying to please you, but because I genuinely find you very funny. My mom asked me a few times before whether I am just plain crazy about you, because she personally didn’t find anything funny but there I was, laughing till tears roll down my cheeks. As we got older, you are still a humorous person, even to our friends, but I’ve gotten a better control of myself and now I can laugh inside instead of always outwardly. When friends were bending back with laughter at the things you said, I can now make do with a smirk on my face that says, “That’s my funny man.” Everyone likes a funny man, and I am glad my days are filled with laughter because of funny you. Please continue to keep my days laughing.


Happy birthday to my ISAIAH. I love you so. :)