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STREET 50 Fortune Of Flavours Buffet

Media Invite


Last week, my family was invited for a food tasting at STREET 50 Restaurant and Bar, located within Bay Hotel. During the Chinese New Year period, the restaurant will be introducing their first-ever CNY buffet with some really interesting dishes. For families who prefer not to have a round-table sit-down Chinese dinner, or if you are planning a gathering with friends, this is a buffet worth considering!


We tried some of their special highlights from the buffet menu and thought they were really innovative and refreshing. You’ll see why.

This is one of the appetizers offered on the buffet: Prawn Tartar with Melon and Nuts


The salad prawns went really well with the sliced Japanese cucumber and rock melon, dressed in a tangy ginger and Thai mango dressing. Very refreshing indeed!

This next dish is a famous Shanghainese delicacy known as Steamed Lion Head Meatballs with Truffle Oil, Wood Ear Fungus Water Chestnuts, given a little fusion twist by adding truffle oil. It’s a delightful combination of minced pork, mushrooms, chestnuts, coriander, Chinese wine and truffle oil. It’s such a comfort dish especially with the delicious and flavorful gravy – Joey loved it!


Yet another creative dish on the buffet menu is the Curried Chicken in Lychee Tempura! I would never have guessed that the sweet lychees could match so well with curry chicken, but this was done in perfection. The chicken chunks in light curry powder were wrapped in lychees and deep fried into tempuras – Very yummy and you cannot resist but keep popping one after another.


The buffet menu cannot do without desserts as well, because everyone wants to have a sweet Chinese New Year! The recommended dessert is the Banana & Sago Cotta. The smooth creamy cotta is topped with caramelized cubes of banana that has been simmered slowly with gula melaka. Definitely a divine melt-in-the-mouth goodness. I like how the sour berries matched the sweetness so well.


If you are thinking that a buffet menu would take away the fun of having the traditional CNY Lo Hei, fret not! For a group of 4 adults, a complimentary Yu Sheng platter will be included in your buffet. This Smoked Duck & Salmon Yu Sheng will get you right into the celebratory mood to prepare for a prosperous year ahead! Toss it together with our ginger and sour plum sauce for sweeter relationships with your loved ones. The result is absolutely refreshing and delicious.

Smoked Duck and Salmon Yu Sheng 

We also tried some other specialty dishes from the restaurant that evening, and these are worth trying if you are planning a trip there soon.

Tom Yam Flair
This was a flavorful tom yam pasta with crayfish, scallops and squids. I like the slightly tangy and spicy taste, though I would prefer it to be spicier. Overall, a very comforting dish.


Crab Meat Istimewa
This looks like a usual fried rice set with chicken wings, satay and crackers, but the unique thing about the rice is that there is fresh crabmeat in the fried rice which gives it a better bite and taste. This is a very hearty dish that is guaranteed to make your tummy happy. :)


My personal favorite though was this Cajun Chicken. The chicken was so succulent and juicy that you cannot help but take bite after another. It was too yummy! A definite must-try dish at the restaurant.


We had a lovely family dinner that evening, sampling all the special dishes offered at Street 50. Go try them too! :)

STREET 50 Restaurant and Bar
50 Telok Blangah Road (Inside Bay Hotel)

The Fortune of Flavours buffet is available on:
 29th, 30th, 31st January, 1st and 2nd February 2014

Buffet prices:
Adults: S$58++ for buffet spread
 Additional S$28++ for free flow, beer, juices and soft drinks
 Kids (6 – 12 years old): S$28++ for buffet spread, juices and soft drinks
 Kids below 6 get to enjoy the Fortune of Flavours buffet for free with every paying adult.
Reservations: Tel +65 6818 6681

The Fortune of Fortunes Buffet Menu:

- Smoked Duck Yu Sheng (Complimentary for group of 4)


- Sugar-Cured Glutinous with Red Dates
- Drunken Chicken
- Prawn Tartar with Melon and Nuts
- Salmon Roll with Barley Salad and Wolfberries in Aspic
- Chilled Mussels with Ginger and Mango Dressing
- Chinese Cold-Cut Platter (Char-Siew Chicken, Jelly fish, Golden Coins, Octopus Salad and Century Egg)

- Scallops, Chicken and Melon Soup with Fish Maw

- Smoked Duck Crepe with Leeks, Japanese Cucumber and Hoisin sauce

- Curried Chicken stuffed with Tempura Lychee
- Wok-Fried Beef with Tri-Pepper, Dried Longan and Fermented Beancurd
- Steamed Lion Head Meatballs with Truffle Oil, Wood Ear Fungus and Water Chestnuts
- Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom, Chinese Spinach and Fatt Choy
- Egg Noodles with Prawns, Shredded Duck and Yellow Chives
- Warm Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage and Lotus seeds

- Banana and Sago Cotta
- Assorted Nonya Kueh
- Durian Pengat
- Mango Pudding
- Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Jelly
- Cold Beancurd with White Fungus and Mandarin Orange

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