Monday, November 19, 2012

Craft Fun For Children: The Orb Factory (Giveaway!)

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My kids really like doing craft work. The moment they hear me say, "We're gonna do some art & craft today.", they go all hysterical and insanely happy. It's fine by me too, because crafts keep them occupied in a healthy way - Train their motor & coordination skills, creativity and all kinds of other good stuffs - 500 times better than TV-watching or IPAD-gaming.

Simple Thots contacted me about reviewing the products under a brand they are distributing - The Orb Factory, and the moment I browsed through the catalogue, I knew immediately that those were the kind of crafts my kids would enjoy doing. There are many different types of craft projects by The Orb Factory, and Simple Thots sent over four different ones for my kids to try. The preschool series are suitable for kids three years old and up. :)

Received these products and I thought they all looked pretty complicated and tough. I was frankly, a little worried. But when we got down to every one of them, I was amazed at how cleverly-designed these crafts were, with the little kids in mind.  Every kid would be able to cope, and have fun in the process! You'll see what I mean in a while. :)

As you can see, I chose all the pink and girly projects because I have two girls! It was exciting when I was choosing, because there were so many fun and interesting projects. Joey could hardly contain her excitement when we started on Project #1: Unicorn Jewellery Box.

This was basically a mosaic sticking project - Inside the box, you'll find a pretty-looking jewellery box, mosaic stickers (foam, glitter and crystal types), with an instruction sheet.

We heart bling blings. Period.

The project was really simple - Just paste the stickers onto the box according to the colour and shape, and at the end, you'll get a beautifully-decorated jewellery box to store all your earrings, bracelets etc. Fun and useful!

This project is suitable for 3 years old and up, so Jayne had no problem doing it alongside with Joey. It was good practice for her as she differentiates between the colours and shapes, and attempting to stick them on the way they're supposed to be.

The final product looks pretty! =D The girls were so mightily proud of their project!

Next up, Project #2: SparkleUps (Mermaid)!

This is another project involving blings, much to our delight! =D But because the crystals are much smaller for this project, Joey finished it herself as Jayne cannot handle the mini crystals yet.

There were two sheets of decals with numberings and different coloured crystals have different number codes as well. All Joey needed to do was to paste the correct coloured crystal onto the decals and she'll have pretty blinged decal stickers!

Ta-Da! The blinged decals are stickers that Joey can peel off and stick onto her books, water bottles and bag. Cool? :)

Project #3: Plush Craft (Precious Purse) was the most fun of it all!

This is what's found inside the box: A purse (with lots of holes!), cloth shavings, foam shapes and a spatula-like tool!

Follow the simple instructions to push every cloth shaving into the different holes in the purse. Every hole has a different number, indicating which coloured cloth shaving to use. Follow it, and a nice pattern will form.

Joey meticulously pushes every cloth shaving into the holes. This project takes patience and a detailed mind!


It may be slightly more time-consuming, but the final product was definitely very rewarding! Joey was so proud of it, she brought it out the next day! LOL!

Finally, we let Baby Jayne finish up Project #4: Sticky Mosaics (Ponies)!

This project is rather similar to Project #1, where the kid needs to stick the mosaic stickers onto these boards. There were four designs inside the box, and at the end of it, the kids can hang up these boards as wall decorations.

All kinds of crystals and foam mosaics are provided, and the kid can easily follow the colour and shape on the boards to stick them on. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. =D

Baby Jayne worked slowly and carefully, and tried her best to stick everything without going out of line. I'm loving all these craft projects - They train the kids to be patient and meticulous!

And as the board gets filled with more and more mosaics, I can see that her pride continued to grow. It was an achievement for a little three-year-old girl! :)

And she completed it so well! Pretty, isn't it?? :)

I think the craft projects from The Orb Factory bring many hours of fun to the kids, and while occupying them, also helps to train them at following simple instructions, motor skills and creativity. With Christmas round the corner, I think they are good gifts to give to your own kids and your friends' kids! As a mum, I know we all appreciate good and useful gifts like these. :)


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