Friday, November 16, 2012

Singing Classes For Children

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About a month ago, my hubby and I were invited by Eric & Careen of United Records & United Music to do a recording in their studio. It was such a fun experience for us! Last weekend, it was our girls' turn to attend a singing class with them. They were so looking forward to the class!

Careen is a mother of two herself, so she is extremely good with children. Furthermore, she's a certified Master Trainer for Playtime (Parent and Child bonding workshops), so my girls warmed up to her almost immediately. But what I really liked about the singing classes at United Music is that the class size is really small at 3 - That gives an ideal teacher-student ratio and every student gets focused attention from the teacher, which is very important.

The class started with voice warm-ups by doing simple scales and voice projection. It was my girls' first singing class, so everything was very interesting to them. They kept laughing at every exercise they had to do! It was really funny for me to watch on the side. =P

Teaching children is really different from teaching adults. Careen used a lot of hand actions and interesting analogies to help them understand the different vocal exercises they had to do.

The kids also chose a song each, and Careen let them practise one by one while she coached them along the way. Even I learnt a lot by observing them in the class. The girls were paying their fullest attention throughout the class, and it was really good to see them so serious and focused!

Here's a clip on Joey practising her song - 'I Love You, Sweet Jesus'. Check out Baby Jayne's funny actions though! LOL.

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To help the kids understand how not to take breaths in the middle of a song, Careen using hola hoops to demonstrate how a sentence in a song should be sang from beginning to the end without breaking. I thought that was brilliant - The kids got the concept immediately. :)

One hour of singing lesson zoomed past really fast! I could tell that the girls really enjoyed themselves. :)

Then we popped by the studio just to have some fun. The girls thought it was very interesting to put on the headphones! They looked so cute. LOL!


Thanks to Teacher Careen! The girls had a fun Saturday morning learning the various singing techniques!

Eric recorded a short audio recording of Jayne's rendition of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Ahem, the lyrics were a little wrong, but 100 points for good pitching! =P

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Now, if you are interested to send your kids for some proper singing or guitar lessons, look no further! United Music is offering School Holiday Program for those aged 7 years old & above on 19 Nov - 29 Dec. You can check out the following poster or go on to their website for more information. Book early to enjoy 10% off!

If your kids are younger, you can consider sending them for the First Notes class instead. For 4 lessons of 45 minutes each, the course fees is really very reasonable and affordable at $90!


Well, of course, if you are looking at not just learning how to sing, but also to record your song at the end of the course, the Vocal Recording Academy is what you are looking for:


There is bound to be something that can cater to your singing needs at United Music & United Records. A major plus point is that the coaches and staff are all very qualified, professional, friendly and fun people! I am sure you will have a wonderful experience with them. :)

For more information on their courses, please contact them at (65) 6344-1911;
Or email them at ;
Or visit their studio located at 136 East Coast Road #02-01 Singapore 428821.

Thank you once again, Eric & Careen, for a wonderful time for us and the kids! :)

(This is Part 2 of 2 posts on the complimentary services provided by United Music & United Records.)