Thursday, November 22, 2012

Family Holiday In Perth: Chocolates & 50 Shades Of Blue

Our supposed last stop in Margaret River before we head back to Perth City Centre was the Chocolate Factory, but we did venture to another place after the Chocolate Factory, after I chatted with a friendly Aussie couple for half an hour. They strongly recommended that we make a trip to Eagle Bay, which was a really beautiful beach about an hour's drive to and fro, which we did. More about that later.

The Chocolate Factory was a short drive away from Cape Lavender, and it's a small place where you can do chocolate-tasting, buy chocolates and all kinds of products made of chocolates, and also sit down at their cafe and have some chocolates. If you are a chocolate-lover, this place will make you very happy indeed.

The first thought I had was that this place must be a really happy place because everyone inside has full level of endorphins in them!

Everything looked super delicious and yummy, like seriously. There were chocolates in every variations and flavours, all beautifully wrapped up and presented for customers to choose from.

At the other end of the shop, you can watch how the chocolates are being made at 'The Chocolate Window'.

There's a small woods outside the cafe, and the kids played there for 45 minutes while I chatted with the little Aussie girl's parents. Aussie folks are really nice and friendly people, and it's nice to be able to chat freely with them even though we may come from very different places. The chocolate factory is a quiet and nice place to have a nice afternoon tea, and the children can roam and play here freely. I love the feel in this 'woods' - So very peaceful and calming.

As I was mentioning at the beginning, our new-found Aussie friends recommended that we visit the Eagle Bay, which was a short drive away. I am so glad we did. Eagle Bay is, in my opinion, the most beautiful place we've visited on this Perth trip. It is located at the south-west region of Western Australian, and very near to Cape Naturaliste in Geographe Bay.

I now leave you with 500 photos of Eagle Bay (ok, not really), all in different shades of blue. My photos totally do not do the place justice - You need to be there to see it for yourself.

Baby Jayne had to fall asleep in the car and missed this whole place altogether!

I could seriously stare at these white sand, blue sea and blue skies for hours. There seemed to be no end to it.

I saw a few people when we arrived, but in a matter of minutes, we were the only ones left on the beach. Just us and the beautiful creation of God. I love it that God's palette has so many different shades of blue. Breath-taking.

Joey tried to build something with the sand, but it was impossible - The sand was too fine and soft.

Even the seas have different shades of blue in itself, can you see? I need to go back again.

We stayed around for as long as we could, then we drove back to Perth City with a smile on our faces. Our soul and spirit were happy. Eagle Bay was a perfect end to our road trip to Margaret River. :)

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