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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sentosa KidzFlea 2013

Next Saturday on 23 March, the J Babies will be BOSSES for the very first time. Yes, they always thought they are the bosses, for this time round, it's for real.


The Sentosa KidzFlea is back again this year, and the kids have been invited to set up their stall at the flea market, promote and sell their products, earn some money and donate some part of the proceeds for a charitable cause. We thought it is a very meaningful event since proceeds go towards helping less fortunate children who are sick and dying (Hospice Care Association), and the kids can finally put their pretend play into real action.

Photo from Sentosa Facebook Page

Admission to the flea market is free-of-charge, so do hop down to support us next Saturday at the Beach Station. Buy something from us, and you can also do your part to help the children from Hospice Care Association. :) We will be selling some pre-loved items (90% new!), hand-mades by yours truly and my friend's 12-year-old daughter and a whole lot of soft toys & stuffs, all at very reasonable prices, so I am sure you can find something you like over there. The kids have also gone through one training on customer service, so hopefully they will remember to greet everyone who patronize our stall with a "Hello" & a "Thank You". =P

Because of the KidzFlea, I've got the legitimate excuse to finally get down to doing some crafts. Bought these materials from Daiso, which is a budget craft supply haven!

Do you like my craft box? =D There're my favourite fabric tape, ribbons, twines, glue, scissors all in one place neatly compartmentalised... Lovely!

Also made bunting banners & a signboard for our stall - The J Shop! Hehe... Look out for it at the flea market!

And you can find these cute hand-mades at our stall - Please come support us!!

Fabric notes pegs

Friendship Bands

Besides all the kids entrepreneurs manning their stalls, there will also be free performances for kids to enjoy on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Bring along your picnic mats and basket, and just hang around with us! While the kids slog it out at their stall, Papa Isaiah and I will be lazing around with our lattes. =P

Photo from Sentosa Facebook Page

Come say 'HI!' this Saturday! :)