Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Vandalism Culprit

Stickers used to be a BIG part in my life during my childhood days. I mean, girls all like stickers, don’t we? I’d collect lots and lots of them, exchange them with my friends, and keep them in a folder and take it out to admire ever so often.

My daughter loves stickers too, but she has a very different take on it. She doesn’t keep them safely like treasures. Instead, she sticks them everywhere. Sigh..

And so, you can imagine, my house no longer looks like a designer house. With kids around in the house, it’s really not easy to stay poise and classy. =P

Look at how she ‘displays’ her stickers!

I often wonder why she doesn’t feel ‘heart pain’ at wasting her stickers like that!


Maybe to her, it’s art!


And she’s probably happy seeing her stickers on display everywhere in the house!




Let me show you around the house where traces of her creativity & creative vandalism can be found.

On the window grilles (which I attempt to hide most of the time with the wooden blinds)


The plastic cabinets


Her water bottle


And the biggest canvas of all – Her wardrobe


Quite frankly, they drive me nuts sometimes. You know how much I adore lovely & classy interior design. *wipes away a tear*


serene heah said...

haha... to her, i guess that's "treasuring" her stickers... displaying them everywhere! wahaha...

Klessis said...

To me, it's very wasteful leh!!!

Kristie said...

wah.. those stickers look familiar!!

Klessis said...

Ya, dun indulge in her anymore la!!!!! She cheats u to buy her something every week!!!!

serene heah said...

wahaha... I think we are really "pampering" her! everytime she sees us, she drags us to go walk walk... haha... we are spoiling her! haha...

Klessis said...

Yes la, I seriously think you all over pamper her le la!!

yuling said...

haha, she designed her chair, quite nice lah.. Haha i agree with u man, with kids around, no matter how posh the house may be, it will be discounted with their creativity. Ha.

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