Friday, April 10, 2009

This Is Cool – Her 1st Digital Camera!

Guess why does Joey look so happy?


Because she got a DIGITAL CAMERA from Gan-ma, Uncle Tristan & Auntie Jieyin as her birthday present!

So cool!!!!


I’ve read somewhere before about kids’ digital camera and I had a fleeting thought to buy one for Joey before, cos she enjoys snapping photos on my camera. It’s great that she finally got her own digital camera!



This is a great invention, don’t you think?


Not only is it pretty, it is made completely for kids to use easily!


It is created for rough usage (can drop on the floor and it’ll be okay), comes with built-in flash, 2 peep-through holes for kids to see the images they’re taking easier (not all kids know how to close one eye when taking photos), and the shape of the camera is for easy holding.


The best part is of course that it comes with a USB port, so I can upload all her photos and print them out if they are nice. :) It also has a separate compartment to insert in extra SD card, so that the memory can be expanded!


Check out her first few photos!




Hehe.. I am sure she will have loads of fun! :)


serene heah said...

hahaha... looks like i didn't buy the wrong thing! but i guess soon all of us will become her "model" all the time! =P

Klessis said...

You got good taste! We were all very thrilled by it! =D