Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Papa I heard her voice

this is a blog written on behalf of Joey to her Daddy (that's me!)

papa, i heard her voice today. i really heard her. her voice is exactly the way you described to me. even her feel is the same. i think i can definitely recognised her when i am born. don't worry papa, i will surely be on your side forever. your vision is my vision. your destiny is my destiny. i will do my best to help you fulfill whatever plans you have. i love you daddy. meiting ah yee, i love you too, but i love my daddy more. :p

today, i felt uncle nigel placed his big hand on mummy's stomach. i gave him a kick, wanted to tell him that i know who he is. i am so blessed. everyone of mummy and papa's friends are so nice to me. whenever mummy meets her friends, i can hear them say they will sayang me when i am born. all of you must keep your promises to mummy or papa. i will hols you all responsible.

recently, mummy likes to eat steamboat. i had steamboat twice in a matter of 10 days. but nevermind, as long as mummy likes, i like too.

mummy. take care of yourself. i know you had been very tired taking care of me and carrying me around everywhere for the past 6 months. if you feel tired or backache, remember to ask papa for a massage. he told me he will massage you. i will be praying for you too inside here. can't wait to come into this world and see you soon (of course to see papa too).


serene heah said...


Baby Joey... I'm sure U love your papa much more, but u will still be a gal full of justice... u also heard how ur papa bully ah yee last nite right, so next time when u r old enough, whenever ur papa bully ah yee, u must speak up for ah yee hor!!

ddumping said...

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