Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Life's not the same anymore

Dear Dear is turning mad. Today he suddenly turned to me and made a really weird comment, "I can't believe you are pregnant, dear." Hilarious. Then he went on and on about how we were just paktoring, and in a twinkling of an eye, we are married & our Joey is on her way in 3 months' time! Oh my. Is he too stressed or what??!

Well, maybe I cannot blame him. Even now, I don't really have this sure feeling that I am married & going to be a mother soon. I remembered spending much time during the first year of our marriage wondering to myself, how come I forget sometimes that I am married huh?? It's really weird.

Anyway, today is my first day back at work. It sure feels weird seeing my super messy table once again! Although many of the staff are still on leave & overseas, there's really dozens of things to do the moment I stepped into the office. And it's especially tough today because the left side of my back still hurts. I am beginning to wonder if I sprained it or something. It's so bad that I can't really move my upper body too much & I can't turn at all.

But apparently, there was a whole 10 minutes today that the pain was completely gone. Then it came back again. So, I am starting to think that perhaps Joey was resting on my left side, that's why the pressure is causing the pain. Or maybe she's doing the major migration to head downwards these few days. Cause she seemed to be moving all the time today, and most are very vigorous actions!

Or don't tell me she's decided to pick up kickboxing?!

I had a late lunch today, in fact I ate my first meal of the day at 4pm. I felt so guilty that I was starving not only myself, but Joey as well, that i almost cried. Pregnant women are more emotional of course, but it was the first time I felt that I did not do my part as a good mummy. And the whole time, Joey was kicking & kicking non stop, as if telling me she's very very hungry. Sigh. Bad mama.

These few days, I've been feeling rather conscious about the fact that I haven't been taking good care of Joey. She can't do anything to be more healthy. Only I can influence her health. That is why I decided to cook cauliflower the other day at home, so that I can give Joey more nutrients. Cauliflowers are best because my gynae, apart from telling me to drink milk, eat cheese & ice cream, told me to eat cauliflowers. So, I'm sure it's very good for Joey.

Dear Dear & many other people have been chiding me for not drinking milk for the sake of Joey. Sigh, but I hate milk! I feel like puking if I drink milk! I don't even drink much milk when I was growing up, and I remembered clearly puking my lungs out when I accidentally put some milk powder into my mouth when I was 4 years old. So, maybe I should eat more ice cream to make up for this loss. Hee.. Maybe I should just go & buy some Ben & Jerry ice cream later. (hmm.. joey just gave me a small kick upon hearing that thought.. maybe she's craving for some too.)


serene heah said...

aiyo... pleaaassseeee remember to eat proper meals no matter how busy u r... not only for baby sake, but urself too!! Or keep some bread with you so that even thou' u r busy, u can eat something...

Oh PLSSSS also take more calcium... if not joey will drink calcium from ur body! I know... drink MILO but put some milk into it lor... it might solve ur phobia!